The life of a company is not just balance sheets, turnover and customers but also pride in having contributed to producing something considered truly important.

Fluxinos was born as a manufacturer of stainless steel pumps, a tradition handed down by Mencarelli Pompe of Milan, its older sister.

However, it adds an important piece to its products and acquires its own and definitive identity with the design and construction of a unique pump of its kind in Italy: a pump for wells powered by photovoltaic energy.

It is for this project that Fluxinos is known throughout the world. A solar-powered pump that not only in times of energy crisis can provide for the drip irrigation of crops or contribute to the daily needs of more or less large farms, but and perhaps above all help those countries where water is not well-being but only wealth.

If we succeed with this product of ours in contributing even just a small part to the process of social, economic and sanitary improvement of these populations, we will be able to truly and definitively say that we have earned your trust and your esteem.

Thank you all.

Giorgio Mencarelli